Redesigning map view on OYO mobile

What is OYO?

OYO is the world’s third-largest hotel chain. They specialize in providing quality affordable budget stays. Apart from hotels, OYO also operates homes, rental hostels, working spaces, student hostels, cloud kitchen and more.

OYO’s consumer platforms get daily active users over 1.5 million.
This redesign was for mobile, which accounts for over 95% of our traffic.

I worked as a sole design contributor on this project.

Insights from data

  1. Conversion and movement through the funnel are comparable for city and locality views.
  2. In the city view, users are using locality tags to navigate. It has a higher number of “unique clicks” than property pins.
  3. Conversion for the map is higher from nearby search than any other type of search.

Next steps

  1. Working with developers to improve the implementation of clustering.
  2. OYO’s Android app has the highest amount of traffic. Implementation on this platform would give
  3. To improve the discoverability of map view.



Product Designer

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